Have you dreamt of having a Cinderella wedding since you were a little girl?

Now you are planning your dream and part of that dream is arriving at your destination in full splendour. After all, on your wedding day you are the princess.

We at Staffordshire Carriages know this all too well, having supplied horse-drawn carriages to countless brides-to-be in Birmingham, Staffordshire, and nearby areas since we began our services more than 10 years ago.

We are offering you the opportunity to make use of a unique mode of transport: our lovely, specially-designed Cinderella Carriages.

Hire our beautiful carriages for your wedding, and your day will be complete.

Why hire your dream carriage from us?

We give you 4 options in your preferred horse-drawn carriage:

The ‘Cinderella’ carriage – the ‘Cinderella’ carriage, as its name implies, is a beautiful, fully-customised, pumpkin-shaped horse-drawn carriage which gives a magical fairy-tale quality to your dream day. This carriage is open but can be completely covered in case it rains. This is the design that Katy Price chose.

The Victoria carriage – the Victoria carriage is a traditionally-designed, open carriage with a hood for inclement weather. It was named after Queen Victoria as it is open at the sides which enables the bride and dress to be fully appreciated. This is the design Kate Middleton chose.

  • Once you have chosen your preferred carriage, you can opt for further customisation with the colours and décor you want – flowers, bows and ribbons, and we will happily decorate it for you.
  • We have a team of dedicated and experienced coachmen who have years of experience and who are fully-trained to drive your carriage expertly through the streets of Birmingham, Staffordshire, and the Midlands
  • Our prices are very competitive, and we are happy to give you a quotation based on your exact requirements.
  • We pride ourselves in our attention to detail – we have a committed staff that will ensure that all the details, such as addresses, timings and schedules, and destinations are fully noted and confirmed.
  • Our service at Staffordshire Carriages is fully customer-led and customer focused. We will take into consideration all your special requests and requirements, making sure that we give you exemplary service before, during, and after your event.

Your dream wedding is a mere click away. Browse through our selection of Cinderella Carriages. Hire an experienced and reliable partner in Staffordshire Carriages, and your special day will truly be breathtaking.

Give us a ring today and learn more about how we can help with your special day